Willowbend aims to be the preeminent provider of long-term equestrian development in the Medicine Hat region. Willowbend is a horse stable boarding facility offering quality instruction and horse training to all age groups as they progress through the various stages of equestrian development.


The main stages of equestrian development are 1) Basic fundamentals (ages 4-8), 2) Learning and training (ages 8-14), 3) Learning and training to compete (ages 12-18), 4) Learning and training to win (ages 16-21), 5) Living to win (ages 21+), and 6) Active for life (any age).


Where Are We Located? (12017A Range Road 60 (ALL PAVED ROADS).

Willowbend Equestrian borders the southern city limits of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Southridge Drive becomes Range Road 60 at the South Boundary intersection and from there Willowbend is only a 2.2 km drive down Range Road 60. Willowbend is located on the left-hand side at 12017A Range Road 60.



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